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 We shed light on the dark paths of the deceptive and disorienting terms of the Greek music! Why do we get used to saying that Greek song has two edges? Why is the public fanatically divided? Why are the artists on both edges different in appearance? Let us try to shed some light on this issue that has been occupied by audiences and artists fo...
 The artistic song made its appearance in the late 1950s through the early 1960s. Manus Hadjidakis (The Chalk Circle, A Parable Without a Name) and Mikis Theodorakis (Epitaph) were the protagonists of the genre. Mikis Theodorakis in particular defines the artistic folk song as a contemporary composite musical work of art that can be creatively...
In Greece since 1923 an attempt was made to install a radio transmitter. The experiments lasted for several years. The first radio station broadcasted in Thessaloniki on a private initiative by radio electrician Christos Tsingiridis on March 25, 1928, and it operated in the city for 20 years, regularly broadcasting broadcasts. March 25, 1938 was in...
 Monday July 25, 1983, was on the radio and yes that was the big day. The day (the night to be specific) became that big party. Luciano Kelaidon's concert on the beach of Vouliagmeni de. It gathered 100,000 people, and remained in history as the Greek Woodstock, who took the music from the stadiums to the beaches (and more generally to the out...
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